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What’s new in Swipe Pages!

How to define Swipe Pages?

Swipe Pages can be defined as premium landing page builders that are very inexpensive. Swipe Pages assist you to convert more ad clicks into leads and sales. They allow you to create instant-loading Google AMP landing pages without having any trouble to write any code. With direct and Zapier interfaces, you can capture leads and transport them to your CRM.

There are some new features that are added to swipe pages:

Smart Slides template selection: 

In Smart Pages, the user can start from templates when creating the first mobile slide variant. For mobile slide variations, screenshots are now created.

Smart pages are now available:

Smart Pages allow you to have both standard and slide variations on the same page. With desktop traffic going to the normal variant and mobile traffic going to the mobile slide variants, it is easier to operate them.

When custom typography was used for caption, the button caption and main text would hop. A bug where you couldn’t delete a connected domain was fixed.

Buttons with an evergreen timer and caption:

In standard pages, the countdown timer has been enhanced to include an Evergreen timer and the ability to reveal/hide things once the timer has expired.

Is there a way to add secondary text or a caption to buttons?

To quickly stack items next to each other, use the Icon group and Button group modules. Adding social sharing symbols is an example of a use case.

Mobile pages are now available:

Mobile-compatible landing pages facilities are now available on swipe pages.

Folders are now available
  • Users can create a new folder.
  • Users can add or move landing pages from the folder.
  • Users can move any landing page from dashboard to folder
  • Users can delete any folder
Auto connection of domains

You no longer need to manually connect domains; any domain added after that will be automatically connected. Swipe pages try to auto-connect domains four times over the course of 48 hours since you added it. They send you an email once your domain has been joined. You can join your domain manually as well.

Templates and global blocks

Global Blocks and Templates are now available. Create templates for frequently used parts and use them across your subaccount. Users can easily manage and update the same content in multiple landing pages with Global Blocks.

Option to provide lead information in the redirect URL
  • As a query PARAM, the option to send lead data to the form submission redirect URL has been added.
  • Bug Fix – In repeated variants in AMP sites, duplicating a variant broke goto sections and auto popups.
  • The header CTA button now has popup support.

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