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How to make a custom video gallery in elementor for free

In this article you will learn how to make a custom video gallery in elementor for free. So if you have a WordPress website with elementor and you want to showcase your videos in a gallery with lightbox popup you can do it easily for free.

Let me show you step by step.

  1. First login to your WordPress dashboard and install Elementor Plugin (the free version).
  2. Then add a new plugin called “Elements pack lite”, which is also free.
  3. Then make sure to turn on ‘custom gallery’ widget in the plugin widgets.
  4. Then edit any page with elementor or add a new page.
  5. In elementor elements search for ‘custom gallery’.
  6. You will see an element from ‘element pack lite’.
  7. Drag that to the widget area and then customize it based on your needs.

This is the same plugin I used in my previous videos for making custom static sliders, Panel sliders, testimonial sliders, step flow, etc.

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