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Royal Elementor Add-on and Its Features

A couple of years ago, it was very difficult to develop a website. Creating a website involved a lot of hard work by developers and project managers. It took several weeks to do even a minor modification to the site. But now the trends in website development have changed. It is not necessary to know coding to develop your site or blog. Page builders like Elementor have made it super easy to create a site you need.

This article is a complete guide about Royal Elementor Add-on, its various features, and how to use them.

An Introduction to Royal Elementor Add-on

Royal Elementor is a one-stop platform for the customization of your site. It is a drag-and-drop builder that allows you to edit your site pages without having any difficulty. With Royal Elementor Add-on, you can adjust your site elements like motion effects, background images, and fonts according to your needs and choices.

Why Should You Get Royal Elementor Plugin?

Royal Elementor helps you create a wonderful site even if you’re not tech-savvy. It contains 50+ widgets, 45+ Elementor Template Kits, Theme Builder, Popup Builders, Prebuilt Widget Blocks, and so on. Most of the widgets and templates are free and paid version offers even more fantastic features.

What Type of Website Can You Build with Royal Elementor Add-ons?

You can build every type of site you want, i.e., a business website, blog, WooCommerce site, portfolio, or simply a landing page. Moreover, you can edit and customize every type of page such as the homepage, sales page, testimonials page, services, about, or contact page. Hence, this plugin is a pool of elements that can take your website development to the next level.

A Brief List of Widgets Royal Elementor Addon Provides

Royal Elementor Addon provides endless widgets to customize your site out of which the following are most useful.

1.     Royal Elementor Post Grid

This widget offers you unlimited options to customize your posts page. If you are creating a blog, no widget can be best than this. It offers the following features

  • Posts slider
  • Recent posts slider
  • Portfolio grid
  • List style
  • Media grid
  • Photo Gallery
  • Recent posts sidebar
  • Posts with thumbnails

Additional Features

This royal addon comes with the following additional features

  • Load More button
  • Infinite scroll
  • Likes
  • Share
  • Lightbox
  • Filters

2.     Royal Elementor WooCommerce Grid/ Product Slider

This Royal Elementor WooCommerce widget is best for WooCommerce sites and online stores. This widget provides the following options

  • WooCommerce Product Carousel
  • WooCommerce Product slider
  • Product list
  • Category grid
  • Category slider
  • Filterable grid to show specific products
  • Product gallery slider

Additional Features

  • Multicolumn
  • Load More button
  • Custom icons for filters
  • Likes
  • Shares

3.     Image Grid

Royal Elementor addon comes with an image grid widget which is probably best for every kind of website. This widget can be utilized for

  • Photo Gallery
  • Gallery grid
  • Logo grid
  • Image slider
  • Portfolio Gallery
  • Media grid
  • Filterable grid

No other plugin for addon can offer such unlimited image-building features.

4.     Testimonial Slider

This royal Elementor addon widget will display your clients’ reviews and testimonials on your website. This widget offers the following features

  • Customer reviews
  • Star ratings
  • Testimonial ratings
  • Company logo
  • Client’s name
  • Client’s image
  • Quotes
  • Feedback
  • Sample works
  • Testimonial slider

5.     Magazine Grid

This Royal Elementor addon free widget gives you access to multiple news displaying options on your site. You can use the following features of this widget

  • Magazine layout
  • News grid
  • Sidebar news widget
  • News slider
  • Newspaper layout

6.     Navigation Menu

This widget will give your site an extraordinary look by customizing its menu in unique and creative ways. The amazing thing is that you don’t need to learn to code for this. Royal Elementor addon navigation menu widget offers the following features

  • Mobile menu
  • Dropdown menu
  • Responsive menu
  • Hamburger menu
  • Navbar
  • Site menu
  • Menu styler
  • Hover animations
  • Hover effects

7.     Advanced Text

Advanced text widget allows you to create text with different font styles, colors, and animation to catch the attention of your site audience. This advanced widget comes with the following options

  • Typewriter effect
  • Fancy text
  • Highlighted text
  • Animated text
  • Text shadow
  • Text over image
  • Typing text effect
  • 3D text
  • Text slider
  • Gradient text
  • Text glitch effect
  • Underline heading
  • Word animation
  • Sentence animation
  • Skew
  • Slide
  • Zoom
  • Clip
  • Curly line
  • Double line
  • Diagonal double underline
  • Flip vertical or horizontal

8.     Button Widget

Button widget addon offers you different options to create animated buttons on your website. You can choose from thousands of button styles to customize your button design. This Royal Elementor Add-on widget comes with the following features

  • Button animation
  • 2D Animation
  • Icons
  • Gradient buttons widget
  • Rounded corners buttons
  • Hover effects
  • Background animation

9.     Search Form

You can install this Royal Elementor Add-on to include a search bar in your site, either for post search, product search, or a WooCommerce search. It also contains different styling options to customize your search bar design.

10.  Flip Box

This widget offers unique features for website banners. The flip box widget offers you to showcase your content in an innovative way by customizing hover animation effects and call-to-action buttons. Moreover, it also provides 3D flipping cards which are useful for promos and advertisements. The pro version is filled with even more effects to market your business efficiently.

11.  Promo Box

This widget allows you to create a fascinating sale or discount banners with CTA buttons in unique ways. Promo box widgets can be the best way to promote your brand and increase sales. Moreover, it allows you to add

  • Clickable image
  • Text over image
  • Call to Action button
  • Multiple Fonts

The Pro version contains more advanced features.

12.  Back to Top Button

This add-on widget permits you to add back to the top button anywhere on your site. Back to top button is used when you want to jump to the top or bottom of the page while scrolling a site.

13.  Phone Call Button

This Royal Elementor add-on allows you to add a phone call button anywhere on your WordPress website.

14.  Mailchimp Subscribe

This addon widget is a free tool to integrate your WordPress Website to Mailchimp. With this, you can easily connect, contact, and talk to your customers and other parties. Moreover, you can add an innovative signup form and start a successful email campaign by creating subscriber emails.

Famous Royal Elementor Add-on Template Kits

You don’t have to worry about the layout of your site. Royal Elementor add-ons provide hundreds of professional prebuilt template kits to tailor your site design. These templates kits have the following prebuilt elements

  • Premade headers
  • Premade footers
  • Prebuilt menu items
  • Pop-ups
  • Posts page
  • Media library

However, if your site already has posts or pages, or any other data, it will not be removed from your site. You can import this data to your selected template

The most popular template kits offered by Royal Elementor are

  • Nature Royal Elementor Template Kit
  • Digital Agency Template Kit
  • IT Technology Template Kit
  • Architecture Template Kit
  • Medical Template Kit
  • Restaurant Template Kit
  • Portfolio Template Kit
  • Law Template Kit
  • Car Wash Template Kit
  • Travel Blogging Template Kit

How to Import a Template Kit to Your WordPress Site?

  1. Install Royal Elementor Add-on plugin from WordPress admin
  2. Go to Royal Elementor Menu Dashboard
  3. Search for the desired template kit you want from the search bar
  4. Apply the template to your site you want from the Template kit.

How to Install Royal Elementor on WordPress?

There are two ways to install Royal Elementor plugin on your WordPress website

1.     Install Royal Elementor from Royal Elementor

  1. Go to Royal Elementor Add-ons’ official site and click on Download Plugin. You can also go for an upgrade version.
  1. ­The download file will be in the form of a zipped file.
  1. Extract it and copy the Royal Elementor Addon folder.
  2. Go to the Xampp folder, and navigate to a folder named htdocs.
  • Now open the folder where your site’s data is placed.
  • Now move to the folder named WP-content
  • Now go to the ‘Plugin’ folder.
  • Paste the Royal Elementor Addon folder you copied.
  1. Now refresh your WP admin dashboard and go to the installed plugin.
  • The plugin will be present on your site, activate it and start using it.

2.     Installing Royal Elementor from WP Admin

This method is quite simple; you can directly install your Royal Elementor Addon plugin from WP Admin.

  1. For this, Go to your site’s WP admin.
  2. Navigate to plugins and click on add a new plugin.
  1. Search the Royal Elementor Add-on in the plugins search bar
  1. Install the plugin from there and after installation, activate the plugin.

Is Royal Elementor Bad for SEO?

Royal Elementor is regarded as the top page builder on WordPress. It usually does not slow down your site. However, some sites may face the issue of slow speed. Royal Elementor also provides a detailed guide on how to fix your site’s speed issue.

Royal Elementor is bad for SEO only if its slows down your site’s speed. However, you can boost your site’s speed by compressing images and limiting excessive scripts.

In a nutshell, Royal Elementor is good from an SEO point of view. This is because it helps create an awfully beautiful website interface that helps to engage the visitors. When site visitors remain on your site for a long interval, the Google algorithm understands that your site is authentic and informative. Thus, google starts ranking your site, hence improving your SEO score.

Build Your Website with Royal Elementor Addon Today!

Now you have a complete guideline about Royal Elementor Addon and its widgets and features. It is super easy to create a user-friendly and attractive site via Royal Elementor Addon. Thus, start building your fantastic site with Royal Elementor today! 

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